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NDE 4.0 Wiki

This Wiki serves for the international exchange about NDE 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is the ongoing fourth industrial revolution, based on digitization, crosslinking and networks and lives on data for its feedback loops and one of its biggest and most valuable data sources is NDE. Industry 4.0 leads to an improved production and design by analyzing the data stored in digital twins and provided by the industrial internet of things. Measures like artificial intelligence, big data processing, or augmented reality allow to evaluate and visualize the data. Blockchains allow ensuring modification-proof storage and traceability and 5G the wireless connections needed by Industry 4.0.
This will lead to big changes in NDE. First, the Industry 4.0 emerging technologies can be used to enhance NDE technologies and NDE data processing. Second, a statistical analysis of NDE data provides insight into reliability, inspection performance, training status, consistency, and value of the inspections. Finally, NDE is the ideal data source for Industry 4.0.

Multiple NDE 4.0 Groups in the NDE societies around the globe are working on this topic to establish the future of NDE.